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Got plans?


All these plans. I make all these plans. For my life, my day, my art. And things never turn out like I planned.

Like, I planned to be an actor– a theatre and indie film actor. To quit modeling, live an easy, low-key, creatively and love filled life. I didn’t plan on getting married. Didn’t plan on having a kid. Didn’t plan on moving back to NY. And yet, there it all is.

And I’ve dealt with a lot of loss giving up those plans. And I’ve gotten many happy surprises in finding my new Etch-a-Sketch twisted and turned plans: falling in love with my boy, discovering visual journaling, taking art classes, the fantastic inspiring new friends I’ve found along the way.

However, today I get a gift from the Mislaid Plans God: I get to revisit my acting plan. Three years after we shot “Morning” in Seattle, it’s getting an official screening in Lis Angeles. I get to see my friends, revisit the plan, and live that dream for an afternoon. Then shake the Etch-a-Sketch and I go back to the new plan..


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