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gettin' my ya-ya's out

It also has built-ins!


I miss the bookshelf spaces I’ve had in the past, but these built-ins are pretty nice. And the best part — not just about my new studio, but the whole house– is that I get my little viewfinders of beauty.

Ever do that? Cup your hands around your eyes like binoculars and visually frame an area of beauty; a spot that’s really pretty and special?

In Los Angeles, we had them all over the house. I could sit just about anywhere and see beauty. The house in Hartsdale had one spot: the corner of the kitchen with an indoor stone oven holding a light and a Buddha and usually some flowers or a candle.

This house has them a’plenty. One of my favorites so far is in the studio, on top of the built-ins, with a whole bunch of my inspirations on top: Lisa Sonora Beam’s book, Kimberly Wilson’s guide, gifts from friends, my visual journal from last year. A glance at corner with the built-ins, and I’m daydreaming and feeling creative.

What’s your beauty spot? What do you frame your viewfinder on?


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