emily cline art

gettin' my ya-ya's out

Mourning. Closure. Moving on.


Now: after all the papers, tests, and projects are done, handed, in, and graded, it’s over. The semester is done. Couldn’t have had much more stress these past 4-5 months, even before classes began I was anxious: registering, getting my (antique) vaccination information, taking placement tests, finding and buying supplies and a $175 book, and then waiting two weeks during snow delays. But now it’s done.
I won’t see my classmates again. No more learning about modern art’s history. No more teachers, no more books,… What a relief!
And yet I’m a little sad. It’s just like when I finished a play back in the day. I mourned. And with mourning comes closure. Close the books. Put away the projects. New chapter.
Now get out the boxes: time to move again!


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