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Best Drugs Ever!


Being sick for over a week now, I don’t feel like doing much, but plans were in place this past weekend & thank god: I got a good dose inspiration — better than all the vitamin C and DayQuil combined!

First, dinner *out* with my man, my partner, & her man. What a great way to celebrate our e-launch!

Then I went to (get this!) an EIGHT year old’s Save The Tiger fund raiser. She is rockin’ the world from elementary school! Thank you Grace Casale– and kudos to her parents for giving her love & support to act on her beliefs.

Then I picked up my beautiful, stylish friend & her oh-so-handsome boy & we bopped over to Williamsburg and checked out Artists and Fleas, a super inventive place full of homemade & vintage clothes, housewares, jewelry, you name it. Awesome. I felt like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory! At QP & Monty’s I scored 3 vintage aprons and the owners, Pamela & Ignacio helped me find a beautiful antique typewriter, both essentials to my artwork. I fell in love with their logo, shown above with my aprons. Can hardly wait to see what they come up with next!

All that, with some sunshine (even though it’s 25), & LA friends on their way, I feel my cold evaporating. Best drugs ever!


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