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Shedding the skin of my former self


Not too long ago, a dear friend of mine shocked-and-awed me by taking some reeeally great designer clothes of hers to sell at a consignment shop. Although she didn’t *want* to sell them, she knew they were from a time in which she no longer lived, from the person she no longer was. I was in awe.

It’s taken me quite some time, but today I did it: I, too, shed some if the skin of my former self. I went through my big heavy box of plays (theatre plays, not football), sorted out which ones I had to keep due to my scribbly notes and highlighting, bagged them up (three bags!), loaded the car, drove into the city, and lugged them over to The Strand .. and sold them.

And just like that: that is the last time I carry those ‘old’ things around; another layer of skin shed.


2 thoughts on “Shedding the skin of my former self

    1. emilyclineart Post author

      Thanks, Whit! It’s a little insane, trying to do this now, as we get ready to move again (where we don’t know!), to release our LA house, taking to art classes, having a few visitors here and there, part-time model, oh, and raise a child! oy. You know, though, you’re doing it too! Viva la vivre! xoxo


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