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Playing with & breaking patterns


Playing with patterns with paint, stamps, sprays, I found myself thinking about patterns in my life. Daily habits– good and bad– have been food for thought. To that end, I just read the people of Papua New Guinea have perfect, flawless skin. The cause? Lack of white starch & sugar in their diet: white sugar, potatoes, white rice, white pasta, white bread. They eat proteins, veggies, fruits. So I started thinking I would break my normal food patterns and see if I could change my skin tone too, taking out the white stuff.

One day in, I’m shocked: I don’t know what to eat! No cereal, no crackers, no twizzlers, and (*GASP*!) NO potato chips!? How will I survive?!

Day 1, I had yogurt & nuts for breakfast and was hungry in 90 minutes. Lunch was a chicken wrap– I made it two hours after that and caved to corn chips (they aren’t potatoes!). Then I completely fell apart at dinner: pizza. How can I pass up pizza. :/

Breaking the pattern Day 2: yogurt & nuts, apple & peanut butter, more coffee. I’ve made it to 10:30 a.m. Any suggestions on what to eat the rest of the day? Most importantly, what can I substitute for potato chips??


One thought on “Playing with & breaking patterns

  1. the mom

    Yeah, well… you’re in for the long haul…
    However, we have just discovered a ‘new chip’ that is close to what you’re looking for:
    “Plocky’s Three Grain Tortilla Chip”. In the natural food area of our HyVee. “Natural snacks for today’s consumer!”

    All-Natural Ingredients: Whole Grain Corn, Cracked Whole Wheat, Whole Brown rice, Non- HydrogenatedVegetable Oil (contains one or more of the following: Corn, Soybean and/or Sunflower Oil, Natural Turbinado Sugar, Salt.)
    The corn, rice and wheat in this product have not been genetically altered or modified.

    That might be as close as you can get??? Good Luck, Little One… xoxoxo ~ me

    PS: Love your art! ;}


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