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It’s kinda personal.


This week (finally) I got to start my classes at Westchester County’s Center For The Arts. Somehow I’ve wrangled myself into being a fully matriculated student there, which is funny: it is Westchester Community College, funded by SUNY, the State University of New York. Guess I’m going back to school for real!

I’m taking Art History –tough & invigorating in an “I get to use my brain!” kinda way. And I’m taking Art Therapy, which I just love across the board.. learning, helping people, doing creative stuff with art supplies– what’s not to love!

But the Art Therapy class has a weekly homework journal that confounded me: visual journaling. It’s supposed to be about what you are feeling. Simple, I thought, that’s what I’m doing every day anyway! But when I started to work on it, I got all kinds of jammed up. This is personal.

It’s different from my daily art journaling — that has been me simply trying to get something on paper each day. The homework is specific. So, hm, hm, maybe my daily art journaling needs to be more personal, more conscious. Maybe that’s what I need to be doing too.. hm. (That’s kinda personal!)


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