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Heather’s challenge


A year ago, my dear & oh-so-inspired friend Heather gifted me with a beautiful Italian journal– beautiful in it’s homemade, construction paper feel. She challenged me to do something on a page everyday. An awesome, intimidating task, especially given that I’d be posting my pages on my blog for all to see!

And here it is, a year later, the book is almost complete, only missing one page: tomorrow.

I’m sad my journal is done. I loved my daily ritual like an addict loves her junk. I’d get up at ridiculous hours so I could catch up; I’d remove & replace pages while traveling, working on planes, in hotel rooms, at friends houses.

My work changed and grew with my obsession: I work faster now, with more layers, and I became less hesitant anout sharing. What I love about visual journaling is the sheer nakedness of the creator. I could do that; I learned to take it and go!

In two days, I’m sure I’ll be working on another journal. This one with pages that are unbound, possibly to show or (*gasp*) sell. Gulp. That’s a whole other level of vulnerability.

Thank you everyone for your incredible support and especially you, Miss Heather. For giving me the gift of time, growth, and trust. I’m a better artist –and person– for it. This one’s for you. (honky honky!) -e


6 thoughts on “Heather’s challenge

  1. the mom

    And, OH, what a beautiful, loving, sharing, giving, incredible work of art! I would anxiously await the email saying “Emily Cline…. New Post” and how excited I would be to open it to see, and love, and enjoy your daily work! As an art teacher and artist and your mother, my heart is bursting with pride as you’ve accomplished your very successful challenge! Kudos to my talented, loving, sharing daughter. I love you!


  2. heather arndt

    You, my friend, are so welcome. I’m so proud of the progress you have made this year, the beauty of the work you have created and dedication you have to your craft. Thank you for being an inspiration to me! and a great friend! I can’t wait to see what you make next!


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