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What are your awake dreams?

Talking to my 4 year old about dreams last weekend, he wanted to know the difference between sleeping dreams and awake dreams. I’m not sure I explained it very well — I got all kinds of jammed up with his ‘dream’ of becoming a football player — but it did get me thinking. What are my awake dreams? my living dreams?To be an artist
To create, get my ya-ya’s out, and laugh (I keep forgetting to laugh!)
To live freely — doing things I want, when I want: traveling, eating, sleeping as I desire.
But, then I realized, more than my freedom, I dream of guiding my kid to become as happy as he can be, and not screw him up too badly (some screwing up is my right as a parent, yah?)
To live in *my* truth
To respect others
To carry more peacefulness (less angst)
Light the way for others to follow their awake dreams
I’m not sure those ‘goals’ (ugh, what a word, ‘goals)’ can be attained, but I’m pretty sure the process of going toward them is living my dreams. (Oh, and I’d like things to be pretty along the way, with fairy lights and kiTTens)

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