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Gratitude for Trip of a Lifetime

Being in India for 12 days for a dear friend’s friend’s wedding, I witnessed amazing moments of deep love between intimates and decade-long friends, unconditional generosity and kindness, and beauty-filled traditions I’d never imagined. Part of me felt like an intruder; the other part, an honored guest.

The funny thing is, being a guest on this Trip of a Lifetime, I was the one gifted. I was offered the chance to observe myself: how I interact, what pushes my buttons, who & what I long for, what pushes me outside my comfort zone.

I feel like I’m fairly aware, sensitive, and someone who takes risks. But I really got to know a new deep appreciation for my familiars, find more clarity for my ridiculous-es and boundaries, a renewed value in shutting up and paying attention, and (ironically, kind-of painfully) how little I laugh lately. (Cue link below)


Me appreciating small things:
*my husbands toes in the middle of the night
*the clinching hang-of hug of a 4 year old
*real coffee
*real brown bread — aka, whole wheat 12 grain toast
*the unwritten way me & my nearest & dearest know & communicate with each other

What a Trip! Gratefulness abounding…

this little light of mine. i’m gonna let it shine.


One thought on “Gratitude for Trip of a Lifetime

  1. the mom

    I have no words to ‘leave a reply’… but I want to try… Emily: You are not only gifted with love, with a loving family, and with loving friends… you are gifted, dearest Emily, with the ability to express yourself ~ beautifully ~ through your art and with your loving, sensitive, caring, and descriptive words. Thank you for sharing with all.


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