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Ducks ina row


Today (and pleaz don’t let this be a jinx), I feel like I got my ducks ina row. I had my son all day home from school, which is my surefire recipe for disaster, especially since he wasn’t feeling 100%. And today marks the one year mark for the passing of a woman who was held very dear. Fragile alert on.

So h-bomb & I spent the morning picking up a dresser for my man (crazy at 42 he didn’t have one) and the afternoon had the Lil’ Guy glued to PBS (I’d already blown my mother of the year award this year) and I cleaned, sorted, and feng shui-ed the upstairs.

I did some research for doodlebugheart (website is almost ON), caught up to my 2010 art-journal-each-day challenge and played with a few newly arrived Basic Bug Craft Kit supplies (result below). Fed The Troll and myself, did laundry, cleaned up, bathed the kid, let him get his (rubber) duck(ies) ina row, and now I’m going to bed, with a recreational little reading to boot. It’s been a long. time. coming. Ducks ina row. But it feels good.


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