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26 hours in one day!


I’ve never stayed up a full 24 hours before. I know people who have–
my eldest brother had done it for his work many times. It always seemed beyond anything I would ever be capable of: what on earth would be able to keep me awake that long? Yesterday, I found out.
Up at 4:00 a.m. NY time, car to the airport, check in, fly to Los Angeles, taxi to a hair salon, hair colored, taxi to a Target job, taxi to my friend Heather’s home, play with her daughter (my future daughter-in-law), drove to dinner, eat, friends join, glass of wine afterward, listen to beautiful yogi music, crash at 3:00 a.m. NY time.
The reason(s) I made it 26 hours is(are): doing a job that’s interesting, makes money, and makes me feel of service, AND I got to see my sistahs.
I’m sure I’ll feel the exhaustion soon, but for today I’m riding the high from my longest day.


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