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The piece of paper that says “broken” on it in the piece, I found on the street while my partner Deborah & I were location scouting. I think it was for a parking meter. Looking closer, I saw it was on a pet hair roller sheet– you know, those sticky sheets you peel off once they are full of hair.

Interesting for me, not only the “broken” bit, but also the animal element. I thought the arrival of my two new baby kittens would bring nothing but joy. But almost nightly, I find myself crying while I watch them. Still feeling loss for my “babies” before them: Loulou was with me 18 years, Bucket was 13 years, and Billie, died last November after 16 years.

With every joy, I see sorrow. As the Dali Lama says, life is suffering.. Ok, ok, maybe there’s a little PMS in there too. But don’t tell Scott. I’m trying to justify the bags I got at TJMaxx.


One thought on “Broken

  1. the mom

    Sometimes… the sky falls in. Sometimes… the rainbow shows her beauty. Sometimes…
    we hear from a beloved daughter and begin to breathe again. Thanks for calling…we love you and send loving thoughts continually….
    Mostest ~ me


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