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I am not a witch!


Really, I’m not. Sure, some things I do could be considered, well, witch-like. Like the music I listen to has been referred to as “devil-worship” music (it’s not; I’m not. I swear.). And the house-cleansing ceremony I recently performed was called “frightfully Wiccan” (it’s not; I’m not. I swear.) And even though it may seem that way, my little ceremony helped. A lot.

Dr. Shaman Sister

My much beloved teacher/mentor/spirit guide in LA — let’s call her Dr. Shaman Sister, to protect her we’ll keep her nameless — Dr. Shaman Sister suggested this cleansing ceremony when I told her this house has “bad juju”. I am entitled to occupy the space the way I want, empowered with my intentions, she told me. huh. Feels like this house with it’s bad flow, dark interiors, musty, moldy, pee smell has another idea, but I decided to give it a shot.

The Ceremony

First I sprinkled salt in all four corners of every room. Next I cut single flowers and placed them in bowls along with a votive candle in each room, all the while requesting (aka praying) for the old, stale energy to leave and make room for new, fresh, clear, open energy to come in. I allowed the candles to burn out (much to Hatcher’s dismay — no blowing and singing “Happy Birthday”) and after 24 hours, I vacuumed up the salt and tossed the bag out with the trash, totally removing it from the house.

After I got the inside cleansing going, I sprinkled cornmeal all around the outside perimeter of the house, respectfully, Dr. Shaman Sister suggested, asking the Trickster spirit to stay outside the house, with it’s chaos, upset, and havoc. I gotta tell you, doing the cornmeal was a trick in itself — this house doesn’t have a flat moment around it! I was crawling through cobwebs, over rocks and railings: I’m sure the neighbors were quite amused.


And after all that, I felt great. Clean & clear. The next morning I promptly discovered where Dr. Shaman Sister’s precious farewell gifts had been hiding, safely tucked away from bad juju Tricksters. And things seem to flow just a little bit easier here now.

I’m still not thrilled with the house, but with 9 1/2 months left (who’s counting), I think I can make it. Thanks, Dr. Shaman Sister!


One thought on “I am not a witch!

  1. The Mom

    I cleared this house before we moved in and it has welcomed us… even tho’ your dad has left his heart @ 719, he’s getting better. Had not heard of cleansing the way you did… think I’ll try that soon and hope it will help ole Bobber! Thanks for sharing… and neither of us are witches… mayBE………

    And I love the new babies!! SO SWEET… mmmmmmm (am yumming them! 143 – me



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