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dumpster diving: can it be NY has a good side?


Okay, New York: you are *incredible* for dumpster diving. In the past two days, I’ve scored an antique soda box and two mini metal card catalogue filing cabinets. It doesn’t get better than that! In the entire 9 years of my lovely life in LA, I never scored it so good — a couple of beautiful plant pots being an exception.

Finding the good where I can.

Caught in torrential downpour  again last night (I am not a duck) outside Costco, we took refuge in Stew Leonard’s, grocery store extraordinaire. It even has decent takeaway food — chicken fingers for Hatcher, soba noodles por moi. After we ran to the car, giggling, desperately trying to avoid raindrops (yes, I’m convinced I’ll melt), we hid in the car, smug & dry, chowing down, laughing at other people get drenched.

Pockets of goodness, here and there. Okay, NY. I’m trying. The metal filing cabinets reeeeeally helped. Got any antique trash bins?


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