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gettin' my ya-ya's out

20 July, 2010 04:18



One thought on “20 July, 2010 04:18

  1. the mom

    What tom-terrific finds!!! If you want more ‘stuff’ like this, just visit the attic @ 719 No. Calhoun, West Liberty, IA! Dad & I spent some time there yesterday afternoon(after thee inspector left = nothing from Denny on that yet… am trying to be optimistic!). Found lots & LOTS of old clothes… many not looking so good any more. Will wash some for Good Will and dump the others. Found my black watch plaid jumper… but NOT yours… sooo too bad but I don’t think it would fit you anymore! :))
    Did find a couple of things I just might send you! And you’ll be surprised (or not) Found a great small suitcase of Gramma Cline’s full of her old hats! Sweet! Interested in the suitcase!? Dark, gloomy day here… probably back to the attic… fair starts Wednesday & weather is suppose to be like this all week…. leave for S & B vacation to Clear Lake…Ginge’s sister’s home…on Thurs… Home on Sunday…
    “Pockets of Goodness” are great! Enjoy what you can! MOSTEST ~ me oxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
    PS… and what are you doing up so early????


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