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I have procrastinated, avoided, and come up with every excuse to not write the oh-so-necessary thank you’s for my recent departure from LA. I have teachers, neighbors, babysitters, and most importantly, dear, dear friends to sincerely thank for helping me get my well-ensconced butt out of my beloved Hollywood Hills home.

But still, over a month later, they’re not done.

I made the cards before I even left LA. I planned on writing them on the plane to Seattle. Instead I cried. I thought I could write them at the hotel while there. Instead I got a manicure (okay, in my defense, it was pretty bad). Then coming to NY, in the hotel here, on the way to Dallas, on the way home from Dallas, … all the same for Missouri. Nope. Not done yet. And to make it worse, I carried these cards everywhere I went. Constant reminders of my insensitive display of gratitude.

But the truth is: if I write them, then it’s real. Then I’m really here. Then I’m really gone. Then I really and truly said goodbye and moved out. And I can’t believe that — and you. can’t. make. me.!

So here I sit, on a very rainy, wet, and humid day (in which I was fully baptized at 6:45 this morning — drenched!) with Hatcher calling to me from the stairs, “Is it time yet?” (to get up from his nap); Stella faux-woofing on the rug next to me (she has no yard so she can’t actually see the bad guys now), and the overdue, truth-filled, dastardly real thank-filled cards are sitting here, right in front of me.

What’s that? 3:30?! It’s time to go get Hatcher’s post-nap, rainy-day video! whew. Procrastination successful again.


3 thoughts on “(really.)

  1. Suzy Foy

    I have moved 46 times – each one heart wrenching. This too shall pass. You’ll build more character (because we keep needing to build more character????) and blah blah blah.

    Hang in there.

    Sending love.


  2. whitney

    We don’t want thank you notes….it’s really not heart felt unless it’s done in person. 😉 Soooo, when should I expect that? xoxo


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