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“My 2:00 a.m. Blog”


I’m changing the name of my blog. Since I’m up thinkingthinkingthinking at 2:00 a.m. every night, I might as well be blogging. oy. This move. !

A couple of things have been happening while we pack up and move our lives our furniture our cars our dog our hearts from West Coast to East, and we update two bathrooms, and have parties, and go to parties, and show the house, and rent another one…

(1) I made beautiful art gifts with love and honor! One for my brave graduate Patricia (shining happy with me!) who’d inspired me on the “working big” pieces to begin with; another for my neighbor-now-dear-friend Amanda who just turned “26”. Actually, Amanda got 2 pieces — one  big and one small — the small was a card that had a growth of it’s own! (That’s the photo with the printed pages and the hand and the old-time photo from Wisconsin)

(2) A book I gotta pass on: Women Food and God by Geneen Roth. I got it on Amazon — still in hardback — for a decent price. The thoughts and ideas in this book are effecting the way I look at food, wine, shopping, relationships with others, and more importantly myself and The Big One (some call her ‘God’). I’m addressing old beliefs, such as “I’m outta here!” with curiousity; giving feelings colors and temperatures, not judgments and shame. I’m half-way through the book and I am already calmer and more grounded. I will definitely be reading this one again. and again.


3 thoughts on ““My 2:00 a.m. Blog”

  1. Elizabeth

    My brain is completely unwinding and rewinding around this book! Call me if you wish to share thoughts. Even if it’s months from now. This one is sticking….


  2. Tiffany

    You once made me a little card which I treasure and use as a bookmark. I routinely read your inscription before I crack open my new chapter. I hold dear to my heart a quote you wrote on one side. It became my mantra while we were settling into our new life in Asheville. “Take Comfort in the Chaos.” I love you amazing lady!


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