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Help me remake the Wheel!


Whispered into my ear at 4:00 in the morning: A wheel. Of life. Change; circular, movement. Of where I am now, to where I am going, with slices of life guides along the way. I was up and creating. It flew together!

Now I need your help.

I need you to make one. Think Inspiration Board meets Circle of Time. Here’s how:

PREP: Cut out a big circle on something sturdy, like cardboard. (Option: give it a quick coat of gesso to give it some tooth.) Pull images and words from magazines, books, photographs and start laying them out around the circle in order of your life and the path you want it to take.

DO: Start at the bottom of the circle, 6:00-ish, pasting your words and images of where you are now, how you feel, what’s going on for you. Keep going up, counterclockwise and by 3-4:00 put more words and images of where you want to go, what you want to happen. By 2:00, have ideas of the good that’s coming in, the change that’ll be happening soon. By the top of the circle (12:00) show the fun & excitement. Feel yourself stepping into full power, owning your fabulous evolution. Moving to the left of the circle, from 9:00 back down to 6:00, use your images to show where you are going to go, how it’ll feel, to be fully realized.

PLAY: Once it’s all glued on the circle, fill it in with paint, stamping, beads, buttons, stickers, feathers, sequins, whatever! You’re adorning your circle of life! Have fun!

SHARE: Email me a photo of what you came up with and I’ll post in on my brag page. Any questions or problems? Share that too. I wanna know.

BONUS: This ‘inspired invention’ needs a name. If you help me name it, i.e. I chose your suggestion or go off something you started, I will give you a piece of my very own original art! Your choice.

Happy Creating!


Emily, the Sacred Gypsy! (yup, I’m trying that on for size too! whaddaya think? 😉

7 thoughts on “Help me remake the Wheel!

  1. Kelly Pratt

    emily you are a “sacred gypsy”! don’t you love those 4 am inspirations? i’ll give the wheel a whirl (in a while though, have some travelin’ to do over the next few days!)

    love the idea! love to see you out inspiring the world!


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