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Happy in Los Feliz and at home (can it be done?)


Today I woke up with a sense of relief: last night I got ‘Happy’. It’s absolutely no coincidence that Heather Arndt’s Los Feliz store is called Happy — I get that when I go there. Our weekly “Homemade at Happy” free art nights bring it on in lovely, large doses. We vent, giggle, share, counsel, snack, listen. And yeah, there’s some creative stuff going on too: collaging, painting, even knit-doodling! The overall lasting effect we get from being with other like-minded beings comes from remembering to laugh and breathe again… (3 in, 3 hold, 3 out, 3 empty; 3 in, 3 hold, 3 out, 3 empty…)

At home, I’m challenged by my daily frustrations and my serious lack of patience. I get all hung up. I can’t get outta my head. Therapy helps (special thanks to Dr. Lydia for the recent 75 minute session on how to deal with my very, very will-full, spirited 3.5 y.o.!), journaling quiets, exercise calms, work validates, art grounds. As trepidatious as I am about moving to NY, I want to be with my fabulous, smart friend Deborah Veley doing our heart-art-and-soul company right now!

So my at home Happy program: after I exercise, I put art journaling and business together and work on my strategic planner (shown above) as taught to me by Lisa Sonora Beam. It gets my thoughts out of my head, puts them into action, and my intentions go out to the world. I’m taking some steps, however small, toward what’s next. And that gives me Happy at home.


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