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joie de vivre with *ze* tranquilista!


I’m gonna juice up my joie de vivre! Who wants to join me? Kimberly Wilson, aka the Tranquilista: entrepreneur, designer, do-gooder, and Gorgeous Genius, is leading a 6 week e-course focusing on “mastering the art of enlightened work and mindful play”. Who doesn’t want to do that?! The six sessions will “highlight ways to shape your world with spirituality, aspirations, do-gooding, creativity, style, and entrepreneurship.” I am so in. Plus, if you complete all omwork assignments by the due date, she’s offering an Eco-TranquiliT item of your choice. You gotta go to http://www.tranquilit.com/ and check out her sexy, easy relaxed designs. Great motivation to do your hOMeWORK!

Sign up here: http://www.kimberlywilson.com/onlineseries.html and let me know so we can play & learn together!


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