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I am a Gorgeous Genius!


Extraordinary. Lisa Sonora Beam and her Gorgeous Genius workshop was extra-ordinary!! I got to play with paint, ink, paper, and photos. I met, shared, laughed, cried, and created with some of earth’s most beautiful souls: my fellow Gorgeous Genius Sisters and Brother. The workshop helped me find (so much!) clarity in my intentions for the year to come: in my creative work, mi familia, my spirit, my health, my wealth, and — if you can get this — Lisa helped me see, nay, understand, a way for my creative (right-sided, right?) brain to crank out a rockin’ business plan that supports and guides me.

I’m rockin’ the Gorgeous Genius! Thank you Lisa! And thank you Joy (my roommate — I found Joy!), Suzy (our mom and future Doodlebug Guide), Meo (the Goddess of a Certain Age), Katie (fire dancing designer), Kelly (my midwestern film partner), Kimberly (Ze Tranquilista), Nathalie (intuitive healer), Francois (our yogi crush), Hilary (the woman with a hundred choices), Sam (Texas’ newest transplant), Wendy (Doubting Thomas), and Linsday (our ass-kickin’ organizer)! Special props to Stella (our swim coach) and Sam (our margarita-making host). Shine on Gorgeous Ones!

P.S. Lisa’s coming to Stateside in April. You too can rock your Gorgeous Genius at Happy! For you East Coasters, she’ll be coming in the fall. Stay tuned….


4 thoughts on “I am a Gorgeous Genius!

  1. Lisa Sonora Beam

    Emily: It was my pleasure to have you at the Mexico retreat. So wonderful to see you dive in with such abandon into the process and turn dozens of blank pages into a colorful, meaningful plan for all the good stuff that’s next for you, your family, your work.


    I love how you acknowledged everyone at the retreat and gave us each an archetypal description.

    Looking forward to our upcoming workshops in LA and NY!

    Great start with your blog, too! I look forward to keeping in touch with your progress this way.


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