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2010. (finally)


It’s here. finally. eesh. Love the holidays, but half-way through, I can’t wait for them to end…. My kid goes back to school, hubby back to work, food and drink back to normal, and all this (now annoying) holiday clutter goes away. I need my space! (Insert Glee’s “You Can’t Always Get What You Want…”)

End of 2009 recap:  my first piece showed at Happy in “Plenty”, and I finished my first year of art classes at Art Center At Night in Pasadena (with a 4.0 — my first!). Had a happy Christmas in sunny 70-degree weather with my folks, cut off my hair (again), and celebrated the new year’s arrival with good friends and my awesome man.

Love goes out to Prince William, known to most common-folk as Billie. I miss that little teeteehead kat with the dot on his head every single day. Hopefully he’s playing in fields of catnip — with his mom Princess LouLoubell of Fuzzface, and siblings Bucketheada, Tonka, and Miss Yemma. Rest in peace, Scrappy. xoxo me(ow)


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